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Can you imagine a world without glass these days? With the motto, ‘Without glass, the world ends in a wall’, Jersey Glass had its humble beginning way back in 2007 wherein it was known as ‘Al Khamees Glass’. Till about 2011, Al Khamees glass was successful in penetrating the market by catering to the demands of the retail market & was gaining a steady popularity among the clientele. In 2011, sighting the developments that were to come in, the management decided to refurbish the factory by upgrading the machines & the facilities in-order to cater to the ever-growing demands of the construction industry. In 2013, rebranded as Jersey Glass, the factory restarted its operations after a brief hiatus with some of the best machines –Fully Automated Cutting/Lami-Cutting/Vertical Arising/Lamination/Insulated Glazing from LiSEC, Austria. The heart of the processing i.e. the Tempering machine, Tamglass FC 500 was carefully selected after having studied thoroughly as the main aim was to have minimum roll wave & no glass distortion. With the assurance of providing the best quality standards existing in the industry, Jersey Glass currently works with Consultants, architects, façade contractors, interior fit our contractors etc. to provide them with optimal solutions, build specifications, suggest the best fit for their requirement, work out cost implications & provide them with Value Engineered options so as to achieve the best possible results & be economical at the same time. With great experience, comes greater responsibility & at Jersey Glass we believe in building a better tomorrow. Our representatives are available for any of your queries 24 x 7 & will be with you throughout from design to execution to after sales support & services.